31 October 2012

Day 31: Re-Create a Challenge


Okay so today is the last day for my challenge! I'm a little sad and happy at the same time. I'm sad that it is over, and yet happy that I can wait a few days before I change my nails. 

On to my nails. I used a new color I picked up over the weekend as my base. It is such a beautiful purple. It is Sally Hansen Extreme Wear's Virtual Violet. I love this purple sooo much. For the yellow polkadots, I used Sally Hansen Extreme Wear's Mellow Yellow. For the cherry Blossoms I used Konad's special pink polish and plate m31. I also put a thin top coat of China Glaze's Make a Spectacle. I also put some spring green gems that I got from the swap meat a few months ago.

This was the outcome:

30 October 2012

Day 30: Inspired by a Tutorial

So I followed a tutorial today.

The tutorial I used can be found here. I thought it was super cute.

I used Claire's Cosmic from the Starstruck collection as my base.I absolutely love this collection. Anyway, for the penguin part I used Finger Paint's Silver Sculpture. I used Sinful Colors Nail Art's Time Off for the Eyes and Sally Hansen Extreme Wear's Mellow Yellow for the nose and feet. 

Another Giveaway!

Hey everyone!

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Good luck everyone!!

and check back in about an hour for my 31 day post! :)

29 October 2012

Day 29: Inspired by the Supernatural

Only 2 more days left!! I'm so sad :(

Anyway, today is the supernatural day. And i did slime. I thought that the slime/ecktoplasm/ghost guts was pretty supernatural.

I used as Wet N Wild's Buffy the Violet Slayer as my base. I put Island Girl's Pineapple Plantation as the tips and the slimey drips. I put Finger Paint's Guggen I'm Lime over the white to make it look slimey.

28 October 2012

Day 28: Inspired by a Flag

So here is a forewarning. My nails are a little chippy today. I forgot to take a picture of hem before I carved my pumpkins.

Oh well.

Anyway...On to my nails. I used a lot of colors. Island Girl's Island Plantation and Big Island Volcano, Orly's Royal Navy, Hard Candy's Fishnet, Wet N Wild's SaGreena the Teenage Witch,Sally Hansen's Extreme Wear's Mellow Yellow, Sinful Color's Cinderella, and Sinful Colors Nail Art's My Day, Orange Alert, and Time Off.

I couldn't decide which flag to do, so all I 10 different flags!

27 October 2012

Day 27: Inspired by Artwork

So today is inspired by artwork.
I was going to do Monet's Water Lilies or Van Gogh's Starry Night, but I'm running short on time. So instead I did a Mondrian

I used Island Girl's Pineapple Plantation as my base. I don't know if you can tell, but this is my favorite white. For the black lines I used Sinful Colors Nail Art's Time Off. for the colors I used Sally Hansen Extreme Wear's Mellow Yellow, Essie's E! Live From The Red Carpet, and Orly's Royal Navy.

26 October 2012

Day 26: Inspired by a Pattern

There are only 5 more days left in the challenge!

So this morning I woke up to comments and more followers today. I'm so overjoyed! It's so much fun when I can talk to other people about this nail polish obsession.
Anyway, my pattern inspiration is a paisley type of pattern. I had the perfect Konad stamping pattern for it. I used Orly's Passion Fruit as my base. I used Konad's white stamping polish and plate m64.

25 October 2012

Day 25: Inspired by Fashion

Fashion is pretty sometimes.

I have a dress in my closet that I bought from Aeropostale a few months ago. Its purple with tiny lavender and magenta hearts. 
From Aeropostale.com

24 October 2012

Day 24: Inspired by a Book

OMG. I have a follower guys! I'm over the moon about this! This awesomely awesomesauce of a person is following my blog!! Check her out!

Haha. Anyway, for my book inspiration I did the graphic novel series, V.B Rose. The V.B part is actually velvet blue. Its a series about weddings and creating the dresses and such. Its such a sweet story. This series inspired a simple white french tip with blue roses stamped on.

I used Island Girl's Pineapple Plantation and  Konad's Blue stamping polish which has no name and Konad's stamping plate m76.

23 October 2012

Day 23: Inspired by a Movie

Okay, So I was going to do Hunger Games as my movie inspiration. However, due to the fact that my ability to draw is non-existent, it did not happen. My poor mockingjay looked like roadkill.

I was very lost as to what I should do for my nails. But then I saw this awesome picture (click it!) and knew I had to recreate it.

So my movie inspiration is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. The scene portrayed on my nails is when Harry and Voldemort's wands clashed in the graveyard. This also happens again at Deathly Hallows Part 2.
I used Finger Paint's Black Expressionism as my base. And the wand ray colors are combinations of Sinful Colors Nail Art's Me First with Worn Before and Orange Alert with Time 2 Go. The explosion part is Sation's Lemon Pearl mixed with the Sinful Colors.

22 October 2012

Day 22: Inspired by a Song

So today my song of inspiration was The Cuppycake Song.

You can listen to it here.

Cute, huh? This song is my best friends and my theme song! So anyway, for my base I used Sinful Colors's Cinderella. For the stripes I used Sinful Colors Nail Art's Fun Times and A Slice to go. For this cupcake wrapper I used Bizzare Blurple. The Icing was Island Girl's Pineapple Plantation. The sprinkles was Nicolreby OPI's My Lifesaver and the heart was Orly's Passion Fruit.

21 October 2012

Day 21: Inspired by a Color

So today we're going to watch Hotel Transylvania. I'm excited.

As for today's theme, I looked through my polishes and found one that I thought would be real cute. For my base I used China Glaze's Strawberry Fields. I bet you can see where this is going. For the little strawberry leaves, I used Finger Paint's Sketch N Etch. And finally For the seeds I used Essie's No Place Like Chrome.

I think this was adorable!

I figured out halfway through that the less "seeds" there are, the better. Whoops. Oh well, lessons learned. 

Super cute today. :) Well off to watch the movie with my sister. 

Do you guys have a favorite fruity nail art?

See you tomorrow!!

20 October 2012

Day 20: Water Marble

So before I go to Seaworld today, I thought I'd post about my first time doing water marble since today is water marble day.

Alright, this was a little difficult. Dropping the polish in before it dries and trying to make a design was hard. However, for my first attempt, I think I did alright. For my base I used Essie's Loophole. And for the colors on top, I used Zoya's Meg and Claire's Starstruck Drops of Jupiter.

I think I did alright. It is my first time so I'm sure with practice I'll get better.

So now I'm running late. Any tips for future water marbles? Off to Seaworld now. I'm gonna ride Manta. :)

See you tomorrow!

19 October 2012

Day 19: Galaxy

Happy Friday everyone!

Today is galaxy day! And this is the first time I've ever done this manicure before and I think it came out just lovely.

Today I used a bunch of colors, so prepare yourself.  Orly's After Party was my base. For the stars and nebula I used Island Girl's Pineapple Plantation, China Glaze's Make a Spectacle, Sation's Lemon Pearl, China Glaze's Endurance, Sally Hansen Diamond Strength's Twist of Lime, Sally Hansen Diamond Strength's All Aglow, and finally Scandal's Sydney Blue.

That was a lot, but the result was well worth it.

I think this was a huge success. I really loved it. I'll do it again soon for sure.  Do you guys like the galaxy manicure?

Well tomorrow we're heading to Seaworld for their Spooktackular event. It'll be fun to trick-or-treat around the park. Everyone should visit this month!

See you tomorrow!

18 October 2012

Day 18: Half Moons

Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight. Never running from a real fight. She is the one called Sailor Moon!

Haha. Okay serious now folks. Today is half moons day and as I type this I am falling asleep. I am so tired from school today. I will probably take a little nap before dinner after I write this. Anyway, I used OPI DS Coronation as my base. With the help of binder re-enforcers I made my half moons with Orly's Smolder.

I think the overall color combination and design gives it a mature, old Hollywood, glamour kind of look.

This manicure came out really pretty considering that I did it right before school. 

I love it. Its so simple yet really elegant. Well see you tomorrow for galaxies. It'll be my first time doing the manicure. I hope it come out alright.

Wish me luck!

17 October 2012

Day 17: Glitter

Okay everyone, this is one of the days I am most excited for!

I love glitter, shiny things, glitter, Haha, did I say glitter twice? Anyway, today I went a little overboard with the glitter. I used Sation's Me, Myself & Me as a base. Then I used Scotch tape to make triangle . The triangles were China Glaze's Tinsel Town, China Glaze's Lorelei's Tiara, and OPI's You Glitter Be Good to Me.
These are the results:

Isn't it so glittery? The colors complimented each other well. And it just looks amazing. I keep staring at them. I think the shine was why I kept missing birdies in badminton.

Well, what do you think? Aren't they lovely? I love them, and I will definitely do swatches on each of these soon. Also, I'm  using a peel off base-coat today. Hopefully it'll come off clean after work.

See you guys tomorrow! :D

16 October 2012

Day 16: Tribal

So today is tribal.

Ugh. So this isn't my favorite day. I was dreading this design because tribal is not something I do well. Anyway, today I used Finger Paint's Guggen I'm Lime as my base. For the tribal design I used CÃCEE's Arvis. While the color combination was cute, the design was not.

Ugh, It looks terrible... I do not have steady hands...

Well, at least today is done. No more tribal. Tomorrow is glitter and I'm so excited for it!!
I love shiny things.
See you guys for a better tomorrow. :)

15 October 2012

Day 15: Delicate

So today was delicate print.

And I was art blocked. I had no idea what to do. I was gonna use my Konad stamping, but I misplaced my rubber stamper. Oops.

I did so something that I thought would be delicate and cute and simple and sweet. I used China Glaze's Cloud Nine to do a lovely simple French tip. Then I added a lovely gem flower to the accent nail.

I think this design came out lovely. It looks delicate and simple.

Well this post tonight was short. this design was cute. It wasn't my best, but it is pretty.

Tomorrow is tribal and I am not excited for that. Ugh -.-
See you guys then.

14 October 2012

Day 14: Flowers

So this post today will be quick.

I did this manicure in a few minutes because my family and I went persimmon picking. Anyway, I used SATION's Lemon Pearl for the french tip and Orly's Royal Navy for the flowers and Island Girl's Pineapple Plantation for the middle.

The flowers weren't as nice as I had wanted them to be, but it had to do. I did them in Chargers colors because I thought there was a game tonight; turns out the game is tomorrow night. Whoops. Oh well.

Overall, I thought the design was cute and simple. 

Well, I'm beat from picking fruit and things so have a nice night everyone and see you tomorrow for delicat print!

Nail Supply House, L.A.

So yesterday I visited the Nail Supply House in Los Angeles.

Oh my goodness! I don't think I've ever seen so much nail polish in one place. OPI, ORLY, and China Glaze oh my! The front of the store was covered in nail polishes.

I walked in and I was amazed. Honestly, I didn't know where to focus my eyes.

Beware: This post is picture heavy.

Do you see this? The walls were lined with polishes and there were boxes filled with more!

China Glaze is $2.75!! That is a super awesome thing!

 And look at all that Orly! Isn't it beautiful?

They were some other gems that I didn't get to take a picture of. Essie is about $4 and OPI is around $5 with the Designer Series at $8. There were more, but I can't recall much probably because the fumes in that store were so strong.

When I finally left the store an hour later I made out with 28 bottle of nail polishes and some other things. I was broke when I left, but I was happy.

 Aren't they so pretty? I love them. They make me smile. :)

China Glaze
Cloud Nine, Endurance, Make A Spectacle, Cast A Spell, Golden Meringue, Bizarre Blurple

Olive Pearl, Romantic Brown, Pure Lavender, Sydney Sky

Aspen, Smolder, Flare

Enamored and 2 Seche Vite Top Coats

Me Myself & Me, Lemon Pearl, Strawberries

DS Indulgence, The Living Daylights, DS Opulence

Loophole, Stroke of Brilliance, E! Live From The Red Carpet

Misa: Decadent Drifter
CÃCEE: Arvis
Color Club: Perfect Mol-Ten

I recommend anyone living in the area to definitely visit. And here is a tip. If you talk the owner, be friendly and ask questions he'll give you some awesome freebies :)

So many lovely colors! After my 31 day challenge I will definitely make some swatches for all you lovelies!

Check back later today for my flower nail art post.

See you later!!