30 September 2012

Hello World!

Hello everyone!

My name is Nicole and I confess to being a nail polish addict. I love, love, love nail polish. I love the way it smells, I love the colors, the shine they give off. I own a ton of polishes and I hope I can share them all with you!

I am currently 18. I will be 19 come November. My favorite color is purple. I love nerdy things like anime and manga. I cannot speak enough Spanish to save my life, however I can speak some Japanese to get myself around. 

I am a full time college student in my second year. I have a part-time job. And I am super involved with clubs at my school. Sometimes my posts will be a little slow or my replies a little late, but I promise to get back to all of you as quick as I can. 

To kick start my new precious blog, I'll do the 31 day nail art challenge!

Ambitious, I know. 

Anyway, wish me luck fellow nail polish addicts! See you tomorrow!!