29 November 2012

SWATCH: Layla Ultra Violet

I am so sorry again!

School is almost done for the semester, so everything is a little hectic.

Lets recap from last week.
      -On Wednesday, the 21st, it was my 19th birthday. (yaaay!!)
      -Thursday was Thanksgiving,
      -And the weekend was crazy shopping time! (and work time, especially for those of us in retail.)

Busy right?

Today I'd like to share with you one of my newer favorite colors. It is Lalya's Ultra Violet. It is a true holographic and I am in love with it. I couldn't stop staring at my nails, especially in the sunlight. They are a lovely light lavender purple inside. Outside though, it is magical! There are an abundance of rainbows on my nails. I absolutely love it!

F.Y.I: My camera does not capture the true beauty of the rainbows on this polish.

19 November 2012

Swatch: Zoya Ivanka

So today I had Zoya's Ivanka on my nails.

I love it! It is the most beautiful shade of green i have ever owned! It covered so nicely in just 2 coats. It is smooth and iridescent. and just beautiful.

18 November 2012

Nail Art: Veteran's Day

Omg! It has been almost a whole week since I last posted. I am sooo sorry! School and work have been piling up like crazy.

Anyway, on to my nails.

It is a little late, but these are my Veteran's Day nails. I used Island Girl's Pineapple Plantation as my base and for the stars. I used Orly's Royal Navy for the flag part and Sinful Colors Nail Art's My Day for the stripes.

A little way to show some support to the veterans.

08 November 2012

Swatch: Kawako, Kitsune, Oni

 Hello my dears! I have a surprise! I got my first set of Rainbow Honey lacquer in the mail today! I got Kawako, Kitsune, and Oni from the limited edition Yokai Collection! Once I saw it, I had to share it, so let me share with you these pretty things!

07 November 2012

SWATCH: Orly Oui

Evening everyone!

Sorry for such a late post, but I've been stressing this week on school things. I'm trying to come up with a regular posting schedule. If not everyday, I'm thinking maybe Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. If you you guys like this schedule, then it will definitely be permanent after Thanksgiving!

Anyway, on to my nails!

This has got to be one of my favorite colors from my whole stash! It is Orly Oui. I believe it was a part of Orly's Holiday line of 2010. However, I have seen it at the Ulta Beauty stores recently! This is a plum purple with gold and iridescent shimmers! Click read more to see!

04 November 2012

SWATCH:OPI DS Coronation

Hello again my lovelies!

I've missed you all! Today I'll be sharing an oldie but goody.

That is OPI Designer Series Coronation. I was able to recently get my hands on this lovely bottle and I am super happy. It is an old holographic but it is new to me!

Here is the lovely Coronation.