29 January 2013

Swatch: Daily Lacquer Sera

So this lovely is a custom polish from Maggy of Daily Lacquer!

This is Sera! Everyone, say hi!

(Sorry for the mess...)

 This is the lovely Sera. Shown is 2 easy coats and no top coat or undies.

So this is a beautiful custom polish I got from one of the sweetest polish makers that I have ever met. I got to pick the colors, glitters and name. 

So my darling Sera has a purple base with purple and silver glitters, purple hearts and purple squares. 

This lovely custom went on sooo smooth! I just love it so darn much!

So this is the lovely Sera! Maggy is just a dream to work with! She''ll make sure your polish is just what you dream it to be. 

See you guys soon!

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