21 January 2013

Swatch: Zoya Meg

Alright my dears, I am sorry.

It has been a few days since my last post. School gave me some problems and this past week and I am recovering from those problems. Everything now seems fine and dandy. I hope you all enjoy this swatch!

This was my first bottle of Zoya ever. I scored this lovely off of eBay a few months ago for a pretty cheap price.

Isn't she lovely? This darling will always have a special place in my heart since she is my first Zoya.
This is Meg with no top coat at 2 coats.

Anyway, I love love love Zoyas because, unless otherwise noted, they always dry smooth and shiny. Meg had some pretty great coverage one just one coat! But I did 2 just to safe on camera. The finish to this was this frosty metallic shimmer. Formula was great as always. No complaints at all.

Darling Meg came from the Surf and Beach collection. And because of the 3 free Zoya Promo, I was able to complete this collection.  

What do you guys think of Meg? I love this green. It is such a beautiful soft kind of green that packs a little punch with the sparkle. Do you have any from this collection?

I have a question for you lovelies. I have been meaning to do a stash post/page for a while now. Would you guys like to see it as a spreadsheet/list or as actual pictures of each individual baby? Let me know your thoughts!

See you tomorrow!!

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  1. oh wow, its so sparkly and vibrant, love the shade. cant believe there's no top coat. great little bottle. :) I did a post on my new varnishes so have a look and see what you think :)


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